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WBENC Women Who Own It Podcast Interviews CEO & Podcast

Angela Stephens


The Wonderful World of Angela Stephens
with Dr. Hallowell 

"Today’s guest is fellow podcaster, Angela Stephens, host of the RE-Focus podcast. She is the CEO of RE-Focus The Creative Office, a woman owned diversified company with WBENC. As a single mother, she worked a commission based job and her son was diagnosed with high level ADHD at the age of ten. He went from a D student to an A student through therapies, a lot of work, and medications."


Dr. Hallowell, ADHD Psychiatrist

The Distraction Podcast with Dr. Hallowell interviews Angela Stephens

"Angela Stephens wears many hats! In this week's episode, the serial entrepreneur and ADHDer shares the story of her success with Ned, including the product line she's created that's designed specifically to help those with ADHD" 

Dr. Hallowell ADHD Psychiatrist


BREAKING BARRIERS: "There are many incredible stories of women making waves in business, all while navigating the unique journey of living with ADHD. These remarkable entrepreneurs are not just breaking glass ceilings but also challenging stereotypes around ADHD in the business world. On today’s episode of Women Who Own It, Allison Maslan, founder of Pinnacle Global Network, talks with Angela Stephens, the president of A. Stephens & Associates, LLC, CEO, and co-founder of RE-Focus, the Creative Office co-founder of DDA West Coast Productions, and host of the RE-Focus podcast with Angela Stephens. A. Stephens & Associates, LLC is a boutique executive search firm founded in 1997 and focused on the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, consumer, food, and nutrition industries as well as healthcare advertising and medical education. Re-Focus, The Creative Office was created in 2016, to help her son in school and in life as he had been diagnosed with ADHD in the fifth grade, and Stephens herself diagnosed with ADHD as well later in her life. Check out this episode and learn: • How to Succeed as an Entrepreneur with ADHD • How to run multiple Businesses and find balance • How to deal with Business growth and the Challenges that arise • Common mistakes when Recruiting or Onboarding and how to handle them"  Allison Maslan, CEO Pinnacle Partners

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