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Career Coaching. Why career coaching can help guide you to a new direction in your career

Is Career Coaching for you?

If you find yourself thinking:

Is this it?

Is this the career I thought I would be working in? Is this the job that challenges me or inspires me?

Maybe you are a young adult wondering what you are going to do next.

Then it's time to take a step forward to help find yourself again.


This is your life.

"There is no going back to the age you are right now"

Your life is happening.

When you are consistently unhappy at your work, you create an unhealthy lifestyle

that can impact not only you, but your family.


Ask yourself if this is how your thought your life would turn out?

You don't have to quit your job to make a change in your life.

Simple changes can be made by asking for a different role, telecommuting,

or learning a new position within your organization.


Let's find your passion.

Working with Angela Stephens, you will find that she has worked with C-Suite Candidates,

global companies for 30 years worldwide. Angela is the President of A. Stephens & Associates,

an Executive Search Firm that continues to work in the pharmaceutical,

biotech and consumer industry.

Her passion is helping you find your passion. 

Maybe it's time for a change...

Check out our Career Coaching Options at the link below, or email us should you have any questions!

Take the first step of changing your life today by hiring Angela Stephens, an experienced

Career Coach & Executive Search Consultant of 30 years who can help you take that first step to change your life today. 


Career Coaching Packages



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